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PHILPROOF has the solution for you! Work towards Pest Free 2050. We have a range of products to cover Ants through to Wallabies. Bait and Bait Stations were specially developed to protect bait from rain and to prevent blockages that can occur in other bait stations. We also have Traps and Trap Covers. Also available Chemicals, Drum Pumps, various Snap Traps, DOC200 Traps etc. Check out our recent modifications to the popular Philproof Bait stations, the GEN II. This allows easier access into the feeding chamber for Rodents and Possums.

The Bait Stations and trap covers along with most of the other products available are locally manufactured OR distributed by Philproof, so you will be buying direct with savings.

All of our products are of commercial grade and are used by many trusted organisations. Eg: Department of Conservation. Regional Councils throughout NZ. Rentokil, Kiwicare, Genus Pest Control, Ecolab, Key Industries, Connovation, Garrards, Predator Free Groups

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