Set-n-forget: This traps has passed for possums, but failed to kill ferrets consistently. It also killed feral cats well except one cat was captured by the front-leg.

Possum Master: This has been tested on possums and ferrets but failed for both species. If used for possums it should be set vertically above the ground so captured possums can hang freely.

KBL Timms tunnel trap: This is marketed for ferrets but failed the test.

The Modified Victor Easy Set rat trap: This passed for Norway rats, ship rats and stoats. The trap was set in a Predator Free NZ wooden tunnel when tested on Norway rats and a plastic tunnel when tested on ship rats and stoats.

Trapper T-Rex/Tomcat rat trap in a Predator Free NZ wooden tunnel passed for ship rats.

The SA2 Kat trap set at the top of a leaning board passed for both cats and possums.

Timms trap: This traps failed for possums because one possum escaped and the NAWAC trap-testing guidelines stipulates an escape is unacceptable. The Timms trap passed for feral cats. Important that the bait is horizontal and not vertical on the bait bar.

DOC 150,200, and 250 traps set in wooden tunnels. All models passed for stoats, Norway rats, and hedgehogs. The DOC250 also passed for ferrets and ship rats.

SaF trap: This is marketed for ferrets and failed the test.

The Sentinel trap: This trap passed the test for possums.

The Warrior trap: This trap passed for possums but failed for ferrets.

The Tunnel trap: This trap is marketed for ferrets but failed the test.