Fenn Trap Mk 6 for Rabbits


RABBIT CONTROL Fenn traps can either be set on regular rabbit runways or placed into scrapes (i.e hollows) made in the ground. Original English, the Gamekeepers favourite. Direct from the UK manufacturer, not a Chinese copy branded Solway or just Mk4 or Mk6

When placing Mk6 Fenn traps in scrapes they need to be lightly covered with fine soil. If in a tunnel, make sure they have room to operate, and the jaws should almost touch the top of the tunnel or cover when sprung. Failure to do this can result in rabbits going over the top without getting caught, or being foul caught. THE USER NEEDS TO BE STRONG IN THE HANDS TO USE THIS TRAP. Siteing the trap in those areas where the rabbits move or feed will over time catch the rabbits in that area.Traps do not need to be baited for this reason

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