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Generation Block 1.2 Kg

36.5 NZ$36.50
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Availability: Out of stock

36.5 NZ$36.50

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Generation® is a single-feed anticoagulant specially formulated to be highly palatable to rats and mice.

The active ingredient, difethialone, is formulated at 25 PPM, making Generation an excellent indoor rodent control tool. Its versatile formulations make it effective for many applications and it has a great taste rodents can’t resist.

Superior efficacy on rats & mice. Highest efficacy on Black rats
Lethal dose is consumed in a single-feed. No know genetic resistance 

Rapid knockdown for high levels of infestation. Multiple edges encourage rodents to feed.

15 gram block. Highly attractive and palatable.  Small Dose - Big Results.

Blocks with a central hole for ease of securing. Use in Philproof rodent bait stations or SX=1

It contains Bitrex, a bittering agent that reduces risk of consumption by non-target animals.
Vitamin K1 is an effective antidote.   Always read label before use.