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Snap-P Rodent Trap

6 NZ$6.00
Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

6 NZ$6.00


Snap-P Rat Trap ( SNAP-E ). These traps are made of durable yet lightweight polystyrene and steel, and resist staining and odour build up frequently found in wooden traps.

Sold as a set of two units ( price above is per trap)

Two preformed holes in the trap base allow for surface mounting. Features a vertical strike bar, pre-formed bait cup, and large trip plate. Lightweight yet durable.

Or choose the SX=1 Bait Station with Snap-P Trap if a combination rat trapping & rat baiting program is necessary.

The trap features a 90 degree kill bar, thus trapping rats entering from either direction. The kill bar - now plastic coated - strikes with incredible speed, and when placed in a bait station non lethal strikes are greatly decreased. Traps are simple to clean and reusable for years of service. Having a plastic coating stops the strike bar from corroding unlike other products on market.

Set: Pull back slowly on the upright bar until locked in place. Place in SX=1 for optimum results.

Release: Fingers never touch the rodent. Pull back slightly on upright bar until rat is released.