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SX=1 Rodent Bait station (No trap)

13 NZ$13.00
Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

13 NZ$13.00
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With Snap-P Rat Trap Qty 1+: $18.00 ex. GST


Rats and Mice. Unique Key Locker for Safety. Fitted with Bait Rod to hold Block baits or Paste bait bags. Designed predominately for inside use. Strong plastic, weatherproof.

Lid overhangs top sides to keep water out.

One of the top Rodent bait stations on the market.  ( same as No Pests, Rentokil, Kiwicare, Bunnings, Big Cheese, Mitre 10 )

Will also hold the Snap-P Rodent Trap instead of bait blocks. Look at our SX=1 Bait station and Snap-P Trap

 Place in areas where problem pests have been sighted