The type of trap that we supply is the FENN TRAP, of which there are two models, the Mk4 and Mk6.

Ferrets and to a lesser extent stoatscan be caught using foothold traps, but then you have to kill the animal. "Timms" traps will catch ferrets but doesn't reliably catch the smaller mustelids. The only trap that will reliably catch all three mustelid species as well as rabbits and kill them is the Fenn trap, of which the MK6 Fenn is the recommended model. It is large enough and powerful enough to kill (most) ferrets while it is still sensitive enough to catch the tiny weasel, which weighs less than 100 grams. The other smaller model of Fenn trap, the MK4, is suitable for catching rats, weasels and stoats.

Philproof has developed a heavy duty (stock proof) plastic trap cover, which not only forces the stoat or ferret to cross the trap in a specific direction (so that a good clean kill usually results) but also helps to prevent pets, stock and smaller children from being injured by the trap.

The double cover, which has room to place two traps (with bait between them), has proven more successful at catching stoats while both covers are effective at catching ferrets.

How to set traps effectively

Why control stoats, ferrets and weasels?