Possum Bait station - Large


Philproof ® offer the industry standard bait station for protecting and presenting most types of toxins to your desired species, whether pellets, bait blocks or capsules. Designed for New Zealand’s harshest conditions, they are the only waterproof bait station on the market, keeping the bait fresh and dry until consumed.

They are sold to conservation groups and state agencies internationally and within Aotearoa, they are used by DOC, regional councils, community groups and various other agencies to protect our native birds.

The large possum bait station has bait capacity of up to 1,600gm of bait. This is important in remote places, when access to refill the bait station is difficult. The smaller bait station, the “mini” possum, can hold 800g of bait, and is suitable more accessible locations.

The bait stations are also used to control rodents, and can be modified to prohibit birds and possums from feeding during a rodent control operation. Rodent specific bait stations are available with spikes that hold blocked bait in place to prevent rodents from removing it.


  • Top quality, this is the industry leading bait station designed for harsh New Zealand bush conditions
  • Waterproof, protect your bait by keeping it dry
  • Stackable and light, making transport in the field easier
  • Easy to refill, flip upside down to refill with the removable base
  • Solid and robust, being made in Hamilton from UV treated HDPE that is fully recyclable
  • Long lasting, it is not uncommon to see bait stations over 20 years old in the bus
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