Possum Bait station - Mini GEN III


Industry standard, Mini Philproof. Designed for presenting poison or prefeed baits to possums. features include climbing ridges across front and sides. Easier access by Pests into the bait area.

As used by DOC , Regional Councils, Contractors and Community Groups

Heavy duty plastic with removable base for refilling, fully weatherproof.

Spacer supplied with each station for mounting.     NOTE spare bases are available as are spare spacers, just email

Philproof possum bait stations are available in two sizes , this is the Mini which can hold up to 800 grams of pelleted bait.

Our latest  Mini Gen III ,now has the ability to combine with Baitsense -a solution for real time measuring of bait levels in bait stations  
Best Practice dictates that the Bait station be side mounted, minimize bait spillage and easier access when required by Rodents
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