The Philproof Rodent Bait Station has evolved from the very successful Philproof Possum Bait Station of which many thousands have been sold due to their ability to protect bait from rain, their ease of use and their durability. The Philproof Rodent Bait Station has many advantageous features including:

  • Designed for easy inspection and replacement of bait. Provided with bait spikes to prevent rats from removing baits from inside the station. This stops rats from storing the baits and/or dropping them in unwanted places (e.g. Food processing areas). Designed for use with baits with hollow centres such as Final, Pestoff, Ditrac and Contrac (also available from Philproof)

  • Available with a see through polycarbonate lid option to allow for bait checking without removing the lid

  • Can be pinned onto the ground, screwed onto concrete or wooden floors or attached above ground

  • Made in NZ from tough polyethylene with U.V stabiliser added

  • Light and compact (stackable when disassembled)-Less vulnerable than larger stations to damage from vehicles as it protrudes less from the wall

  • MAF approved for use in Dairy, Meatworks, Packing Houses and Manufacturing Plants.

  • Protects the bait from rain - Nowhere for water to pool

  • Room to place insect (cricket and snail) bait between entrance and rodent bait

  • Replacement parts available locally (if required) no need to throw the whole station away if one component is lost/damaged

  • Cost effective-Less than half the cost of imported heavy duty bait stations

  • Available in Tamperproof Lid or Economy models. Note: the economy model doesn't have the removable inspection cap, but has additional attachment tabs on top.

  • Now available in colours; Natural  and Black

There are also different models of Rodent baitstations available where the need for waterproofness or bait security is not as critical and the baitstations will be used indoors: