Vanquish Pro Ant Bait - 325 gm


Vanquish Pro Ant Bait is a new generation Ant Bait with both protein and carbohydrate in the matrix to attract a wider variety of ants.

Vanquish Pro has Fipronil as it's active ingredient, at very low levels, so that the bait will find it's way right back into the nest where it will do the most damage to the colony. A very effective ant bait particularly for the treatment of Argentine Ants.       EFFECTIVE ON ALL ANT SPECIES

This ant bait has a protein base, which is attractive to Argentine Ants and other protein seeking ants (ants that prefer dead insects, rubbish bins, compost heaps, etc instead of jams, sugars and other sweet things). 325 gm tube with nozzle

Also known as Xtinguish Argentine Ant Bait. Vacuum packed in cartridges which requires a caulking gun for application.

One tube will cover approximately 1/4 acre of flat land. With landscaping etc, this area reduces accordingly. Generally, for an average house/property 1-2 tubes are required. For exterior use only.

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