• PROTECTING NATIVE WILDLIFE -Ferrets kill adult kiwi, weka and ducks, while stoats have been found to kill nearly 100% of kiwi chicks before they reach maturity. Stoats are a threat to hole nesting species such as kaka, kakariki and yellowhead.

  • REDUCING THE THREAT OF T.B.-17% of ferrets in an Otago study had clinical signs of T.B. This means that over 50% were probably infected. T.B. has been found in ferrets elsewhere also.

  • PROTECTING DOMESTIC BIRDS-Ferrets and stoats are such efficient hunters that they will kill entire clutches of ducklings overnight.

  • PROTECTING GAME BIRDS-Gamekeepers are employed on some English estates to reduce the effects of mustelids (the family name for these species).

How to set traps effectively