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Have you got problems with
Possums eating the fruit off your trees,
Rabbits digging up your lawn?
Philproof has the solution for you..!
Have you got problems with
Rats & mice invading your house,
Ferrets and stoats attacking your poultry?
Philproof has the solution for you..!
For all your Pest problems
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Welcome to Philproof

PHILPROOF has the solution for you! We have a range of Bait and Bait Stations specially developed to protect bait from rain and to prevent blockages which can occur in other bait stations. We also have Traps and Trap Covers. Also available are Monitoring Tunnels designed to record populations of Rats or Stoats and a Nesting Chamber designed for use with small to medium sized birds such as Petrels and Blue Penguins. The Bait Stations and trap covers along with most of the other products available are manufactured OR distributed by Philproof, so you will be buying direct with savings.

DISCLAIMER : Which is important when dealing with poisons etc.The technical information in this website is provided as a general guide, and is by no means extensive. The biology of pests is the subject of a great many texts and although every effort has been made to provide factually correct information, Philproof will in no circumstance be liable in respect of any omission or error.All tests mentioned were done in New Zealand.